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The sweaty tip of a mexicans penis
I'm going to stick my salty sombrero into Lucas' mouth.
by The Salty Sombrero November 28, 2010
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the term for when you drink so much tequila you start hearing your walls serenading you with "A thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton. In a mariachi fashion, also hanging from this sombrero are rusty fish hooks with raw goat meat the source of this goat meat is unknown. But legend has it the Chupacabra leaves it. Kind of like a really fucked up tooth fairy. Good to note that your name usually ends in -ita, -ito, if you have multiple first names, or your name is consuela.
Bro I got so schwasted last night I think I hit a salty sombrero: and yes I did cry when my walls serenaded me.
by The Branch November 28, 2010
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