When you work up a nice ball sweat throughout the day and have a chick suck on your ballsack during fellatio; One of the many sex moves popularized by Richard Nixon
Damn woman, you sure know how to suck balls! You like that salty sailor, don't you?
by TheGiraffe March 24, 2010
old nautical: sailor who is experienced and thus encrusted with salt

the Salty Sailor knew his stuff.
by sdr123 August 15, 2008
When a woman gives a man a handjob and lets him jizz on his ballsack. Then, with his moist, dripping sack, she proceeds to motorboat it. This is the salty sailor.
Guy 1:Last night, stella was giving me a HJ and all of a sudden she went nuts and salty sailored it.

Guy 2: Dude! High-Five
by SuperFishel April 22, 2010
A mixed drink which has had semen added without knowledge of such an addition being passed along to the drinker.
Joe sipped his Salty Sailor slowly, wondering why his friend Barry was giggling uncontrollably.
by Johnny TwoBarrels September 18, 2010
The embodiment of pure human hatred.
Used only in the most necessary of circumstances.
Refers to the most extreme of human hatred towards another living being, at an almost indescribable magnitude.
He killed my wife and children.
Burned my house to the ground.
Blackmailed me for ten years.
I could kill that salty sailor.
by The S.S. March 22, 2009

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