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1. puckered and vengeful, an asshole who is vindictive or spiteful in an abrasive way

2. someone who is as pleasant to be around as rubbing salt on one's asshole
I knew he was mad, but did he have to be such a salty asshole about it?
by claudiesel August 10, 2011
A salt rimmed shot thats three parts whiskey and one part guinness. First you lick the entire rim or "toss the salad" then you pound that salty asshole. First developed at FabCon 2011 as a shot that no one wants. But, by mistake, turned out to be not that bad. The salt really helps the rest of the asshole go down. It's a perfect shot for anyone who daring to take it.
Customer: hey I'm in the mood to try something new and daring
Bartender: What about a Salty Asshole?
by GViolet June 06, 2011