To feel stupid or idiotic after someone roasts you for doing or saying something dumb. The act of turning into a grain of salt as a result of doing something wrong.
Susan was fired from her job for being late so often.
by Hotbag July 20, 2011
Top Definition
Another form of salt or salty.
Person 1: HAHAHA. I beat you at the race! Salt Truck!

Person 2: Damn I thought I would win.
by JESSSSSSIE H:) April 13, 2010
The act of being incorrect in ironic fasion.
"Buhl im bout to kick this game winning feild goal"........the kick is blocked!...... "buhl, you a salt truck! haha"
by dat ace bulh January 31, 2010
One who ruins another's game, by throwing salt on it. Typically by those with negative game.
Dude, you're a fucking salt truck, you are killing my game.
by _-g-_ June 22, 2008
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