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Salome when used as a name

A very lucky amazing person that is beautifull,caring,funny great in bed and that has great taste in music and fashion
If your name begggggins with a ,D,E,A or J you might be her best frien (or have chances to be ) or a lover ( in love with her) she is smart but can loose her temper

she has a great body but can be shy about it
she has a coupple chubby figures (cute) and is embaressed
if you meet one u are lucky

dont let her out sight shes the coolest muvafucker ever
(she got a big as booty )
Alex :hey i met a sexy salome today !!!

Jim :lucky bro
by raggyyyyy December 22, 2012
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one who is unique in everyway. straight forward. dopeeee. doesn't give a fuck. $$$ - been had it. independent.
type.pretty girl. real. redbone.
ayy man that girl salome...she's badd.

yeah nigga i think i might wife her up.
by youngBO$$ April 16, 2008
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Hannah's middle name is Salomé.
by Hannah S. Loveless March 09, 2013
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When used as a name, Salome is that girl with the perfect hair, who acts like a teachers pet and is found at every community service school event. She is often the girl who has been at the same school for her whole education. She can be found singing, doing home work, doing volunteer work or sucking up to teachers.

A Salome usually has one really really good friend and is just polite and friendly towards everyone else. If your name starts with an M, N, A or C you are possibly that one good friend.
"She's asking for MORE homework? What a Salome!"
by Squid.In.A.Bottle March 13, 2012
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salome is sex party with the others
Elisa : Come on darling, lets we take salome together
by hop-se February 13, 2007
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short form of "satu lobang rame-rame". Indonesian language for one woman orgy.
we salome her later.
by babikuning25 October 01, 2008
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guyz lets we salome together!!!
by ainglier February 13, 2007
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