Those tight salmon-coloured little shorties that jockholes and, to a lesser extent, commerce students, get around in. Sometimes accompanied with a popped shirt collar.

Clearly a mistaken fashion trend, salmon panties indicate a complete lack of originality, and a vain attempt to look metrosexual and/or look like one is transcending gender stereotypes regarding colours. In the end, it probably has nothing to do with either, and more to do with a need to conform to jockhole norms.
Ed: "Hey Steve, check out that dude walking across campus wearing those little salmon panties. Man, he has no idea how ridiculous he looks".

Steve: "Shut up, man. I'm too busy checking out blondie over there. Stop looking at guys"
by EduardoRodriguez December 11, 2012
Top Definition
the unfortunate circumstance of a woman's underwear smelling of fish
Girl, you've got some serious salmon panty goin' on over there. Go take a shower or somethin'.
by Skankbone November 25, 2013
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