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When someone shits their pants you push the shit out of the top of their jeans and then lick it up.
Ali: I just shit my pants.
John: Oh let me clean that up for you. :D
Ali: Fuck yea salisbury steak me
by kljadhgolsdhgs December 14, 2010
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butt gravy with chunks. When you have the explosive shits and it's chunky and gravy-like...looks like a plate of cut up salisbury steak
My neighbor, the gypsy, shat her pants and the thick and chunky ran down her legs like salisbury steak from the cafeteria in middle school!
by The Square Gang April 13, 2008
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the act of having anal sex while the person recieving it has a mad case of diarrhea. when the giver pulls out thier penis(often called meat)they will get a hot load of the squirts on their meat, thus giving gravy to the meat. this gravy is already warm too o you dont even need to heat it up.
anal, meat, salisbury steak
by Hillbillyredneck T March 09, 2009
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