Commonly known as a fat arabian terrorist that exercises gay affiliations with individuals such as Kevin, Quinn, or Giorgio. He portrays a unique physical trait of having the most pimple filled ass cheeks of all time. Has bigger tits that any female you will ever encounter even Pamela Anderson. No matter who you are, even being voluptuous, straight out ugly as fuck, or a goat he will surely have sex with you (already had sex with a unicorn). If you have a vagina, you are screwed PERIOD. He also sucks a magic dick ...
Salim: "Dude that chick was hot!"
Person1: "I think she had a mustache, and four chins"
Salim: "No, she was absolutely fine"
Person1: "Hey dude who was that chick?"
Person2: "HE'S my grandfather..."

Salim: "Do you like unicorns?"

Salim: "If you could fly, would you do it with wings or without like superman?"

Salim: "I think Yuval is hot... i want to do her so badly that my penis burns."
by George Somm June 10, 2009
Top Definition
The most awesomest person in the world. One who has this name shall dominate your ass.
Person#1- I got owned by Salim!

Person#2- Well, duh. Everyone gets owned by that fatass.
by OTKSotHQ January 07, 2009
Often a person who is very cool. He is liked by almost everybody. Their emotions are concealed.
Yo, that guy is pretty tight... Almost like a salim
by coolbeans123456 June 12, 2009
n. probably the most significant person you'll ever meet in your life.
Type of person that people always regret not being more "in" with him later in life.

v. the action of owning or as others refer to it as ownage.
ex 1:
Ian: " You can have my lunch if you want..i'm not so hungary"
Jessica " Fuck! should've went out with Salim."
Ian "yeah"

ex 2:
Interviewer: " So Ashton Kutcher..we heard you're having a new show now? Can you tell us it's name?"

Kutcher: "'s gnna be "You just got Salim'd!"
by Rock_ n'_Rolla February 13, 2009
Australian slang for a gigalo, specifically black man that enjoys sex with white women.
White woman: Aye mate, I am looking for a gigalo tonight!

Salim: Yo dat honey is fly!
by Steve I. May 11, 2006
Salim is someone that bangs bitches and leaves them walkin' crooked.
Oh my god! I can't walk right today, I got Salim'd last night!
by Someone that isn't named Salim February 05, 2010
Salim's are fun and entertaining. They may seem rude but to those close to him he is very caring. Always cracking jokes and talking, one can never be bored around him. Very interesting and very smart. He likes to show off every now and then but will always respects others.
'Salim' is cracking jokes again!
by LoofacoPR July 28, 2014
Arab slang, best translated to the Biblical name "Judas".
"He just totally ratted out his friends, what a Salim!"

"Wanna know who else they used to call Salim? Judas. And what did Judas do? Oh he just got Jesus killed that's all.."
by CassiusClayVSdjKrmak May 07, 2009
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