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Addictive and very rare sweet spice. This asian bombshell has claws like a tiger, a memory like an elephant and a heart of white gold.

A seasoned soldier ins business and likewise an understanding friend who you are gonna call for clear cut advice.

If you are a macho or a chocolate tea pot - better back off, you will melt or break. It takes knowledge on radio astronomy, quantum computing and superb sex skills to excit a Salika. However, if a man does not proffer her with her favorite tea then there is no chance to earn her affection.

In a nutshell - Salika can light up your universe by 32000–130000 lux.

The name Salika or slight variations of Salika are seen in the origins Swahili. It also has meanings in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi and Hebrew.

It is 3 syllables long and is pronounced 's(a)-li- ka'.

Swahili... Meanings of Salika (Female) - Well born.
Arabic... Meanings of Salik (Male) - Salika (Female) - is a Twins baby name. The meaning of this name is - Reasonable, Reachable, Unhindered.

Salika has the following similar or variant Names: Salikah, Zalik, Zalikah, Zalyka, Zalykah, Zuleika, Zalika, Zaleeka, Zaleekah, Zaleika, Zaleikah, Zalieka, Zaliekah, Zalik, Zalikah, Zalike, Zaliki, Zalyka, Zalykah, Zulika and Lika.
"Any man who can drive safely while kissing Salika is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves"
by SonoControl September 03, 2013
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