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Possibly the single most boring place to holiday in on the planet, the town of Salers in the Auvergne is most noted for it's breed of Cattle and the Cheese produced there. Perfectly summed up by a poster near the hotel lifts stating (In french) "SALERS! One town! One breed of Cow! One type of Cheese!"

Salers syndrome is the feeling you get when you arrive for what you believe to be an action packed holiday and then end up spending two weeks desperately reading anything you can get your hands on by the swimming pool in a vague attempt to relieve the monotony.

Essentially it amounts to a mind numbing boredom while on holiday where you feel as if you should be having fun.
"Hey man, how's the holiday going?"
"Today I ended up reading the washing instructions on all of my clothes. I really should have brought more books with me."
"Ah, a classic case of Salers syndrome."
by Jean Claude du boredguy July 10, 2008
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