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Salazar is a Spanish last name typical of individuals from Latin America, especially Mexico. People with the last name Salazar tend to be Catholic or somewhat affiliated with the Catholic church. Like many Latin American families, Salazars tend to have strong family ties, speak Spanish as as their home language, and value education. Salazars have a sense of pride in their ethnic background and usually maintain various aspects of culture, tradition, and language even after successive generations are brought up American.

Male Salazars tend to enjoy soccer and other outdoor activities while female Salazars tend to make excellent mothers, wives, and girlfriends. Female Salazars are also good cooks and homemakers. Both sexes enjoy various forms of Latin dance, especially Salsa. Salazars tend to be independent thinkers, movers, and shakers. They are good in bed, good listeners, and loving partners.
"I am spending Valentine's day with the most perfect man in the world," person 1.
"Who is that lucky man," person 2.
"(male name) Salazar of course. I knew he was the perfect guy for me when I first laid eyes on him. I guess you can say it was love at first sight," person 1.
#catholic #mexican #spanish #latin #strong #family #respect #confidant #knowledgable #considerate #caring #diligent #determined #attractive
by M. L. February 05, 2010
a breakdancer in Dressed 2 Kill crew
shit son did you catch that 2000 to elbow planche to airchair that Salazar just rocked....dope.
#salazar #dressed 2 kill #sala zar #dressed to kill #miho
by MiHO_isCitynoise February 14, 2008
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