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A man who has overly large breasts and who gives head 24 7 to whom ever needs it.
Don't be such a "Salah" you dumb slut
by big titty bitch January 22, 2005
41 103
Arabic word. Means "goodness." Used both as a common and proper noun.

The name "Salahudin", the Historical Islamic leader, is made up by merging the two words: Salah and Al-Deen.
As a proper noun (name):
Salah is a wide-spread name in Arabia.
by Academe February 13, 2008
94 18
A rare breed of men, intoxicating and addictive. Often exhibits many qualities such as sexiness, intelligence, and sensuality. When you discover one, you will need to hold on tight (as others want one too).
Hey you!! Hands off and get your own Salah!
by Jennstar123 August 02, 2010
57 19
A berber name which means "something to be good"
We named this kid salah, what the hell were we thinking?
by PLEEBA May 13, 2006
54 32
salah is an Arabic name which means Handsome,Hot,Sexy,Attractive and a really good person to chill with, and so romantic :)
Girl: Oooh look its salah he's so sexy!
by mjalli111 February 02, 2014
4 3
a boy in love with a girl tat doesnt know that he likes her but she LOVES him...
salah loves me~
by Sofia June 21, 2004
24 45