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i) Someone that often brings salad to work in a plastic lunch box. The salads can be any sort of regular salad like turkey salad for example and they can be dressed in any condiments such as mayonnaise and mustard mixed together.

ii) A prison bitch. Someone that is made to eat another inmates ass-hole on a regular basis i.e toss his salad.
Not Dave: What's that banging sound?

Dave: It's just me shaking my salad box to mix in the dressing.

Not Dave: You eat salad everyday don't you?

Dave: Yeah I do. I love eating that salad. Saladboy was my nickname in prison but it was for a different reason.
by Not-Paul November 17, 2009
A male prison inmate who eats and tongues another male's anus.
Joe was a salad boy in the Joint
by Estaben Reyes January 02, 2006