When one is smoking pot through a one-hitter or pipe and sucks in a chunk of ash.
Ackk! Cough ! Cough ! Dude, I just got a total salad shooter off of that.
by Tim Maiani January 15, 2009
A vegitarian who has diaria.
My girlfriend was a Salad shooter yesterday.
by Leon February 27, 2003
Cheesy looking chrome wheels
Look at them salad shooters on that chevy.
by "W" November 30, 2006
male genitalia (used by Pagent Brewster on Late Night with Conan O'Brian)
When his towel fell off, his salad shooter was exposed for all to see.
by livin4hymn October 24, 2006
an incarcerated person primarily responsible for the tossing of the cell blocks salads
damn that salad shooter be having a long ass tongue
by h3l1x December 31, 2002
A patient is brought in to the hospital, who,when you turn them over to get their clothes off them and start treatment, you notice right away thier long history of anal sex.
Man, we got one in through ER last night - what a salad shooter!
by abcinFLA June 15, 2008
In the gay community, the 2nd Lieutenant to a Gaybo Watson, but not quite yet of the Fagasaurus Rex stature. A Salad Shooter is often delegated more menial tasks, such as eating ass and rubbing Ben Gay on sore rump roasts. Alas, the Salad Shooter must earn his keep the old fashioned gay way if he ever hopes to achieve Fagasaurus Rex super stardom.
"Garth, when in the world is Bootsie Bob gonna promote you? Sweetheart, you've been a Salad Shooter for way too long!"
by Scotty Smith October 30, 2007
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