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Salad fingers is a flash animation by the wonderful and disturbing mind of David Firth. Salad Fingers seems to be a man based on schitzophrenia patients with other mental problems as well. he sees the world as not really there due to his mental illness and seperation from what is going on.
it is true that you have to have a little bit of brain-power and the give-a-damn to see beyond the obvious picture, which in itself is stupid, pointless, disturbing. once you see the meaning behind it, it's a very insightful and artistic look into the mind of a mentally ill person. if you can gather the awesome strength of not mindlessly gazing at the pretty pictures and the groups of letters called 'words', it's easier to grasp the concept David Firth is laying out there. it's really sad, seeing as alot of people out there think the way Salad Fingers does...if you don't like it, fine, but the show brings up very true points about the world and its people.
idgit a: salad fingers is so dumb! he's icky!
nam: you don't have a psychologic bone in your body. go back to watching powerpuff girls; that's probably mindless enough for your mental capacity.
by Nammy September 24, 2007
Salad Fingers is what seems to be an ill
minded individual who is Psychotic and skitso frenic. He has a mind of a young boy or girl, careless about death, he often shows signs of femanin and childish characteristics, he must be a man or woman, hes vocab is too high to be of a child. perhaps a victim of "a great war" exposed to radiation from nuclear arms causing him to become mentally ill.All his friends left him or died, hes puppets could have been his diseased fomore friends ,more than anything he is a victim of solitary confindment.
Salad Fingers events

"The Great War"
" Wedding Day"
" Some Where Over the Rainbow"
by Realmz December 19, 2008
Finger banging a chicks ass!
Last summer at my buddys engament party i got some salad finger from some swamp donkey from montana! And all my buddys watched thru the window of my R.v
by smiley the swamp donkey hunter October 15, 2009
When breaking up marijuana with your fingers, you're fingers will become sticky, smelly, and most of all have green specks off ganja all over them! This is called having salad fingers.
"Dude.. I have mad salad fingers from breakin all this maryjane up"
by Walkaar August 16, 2008
a weird disturbed man that likes rust and spoons. Created by david firth, a cartoonist that does LSD. Weird fellow=weird cartoons.
I must find the perfect spoon.
by enter August 12, 2005
I heard its whut a guy saw when he was tripping on acid and turned it into a flash cartoon
salad fingers creeps me out
by Totototokok April 07, 2005
A demented man with the voice of an old woman who gains sexual pleasure from caressing spoons, preferably rusty. Salad fingers, in some unamaginably unamaginable way, is made of salad. He was created by a miserable lump of meaningless, waist of meat, named David Firth, who, without knowing, rules the Universe. He makes me happy. I eat asians. Goodbye you shit.
"I like rusty spoons!"
by Josh Weed February 16, 2005
He looks a bit like Bogman, who a teacher from Ardscoil Rís.
"you lookin at me boy? schnell!"
by Porter "The Pooka" McKenna March 03, 2005