Salad fingers is a flash animation by the wonderful and disturbing mind of David Firth. Salad Fingers seems to be a man based on schitzophrenia patients with other mental problems as well. he sees the world as not really there due to his mental illness and seperation from what is going on.
it is true that you have to have a little bit of brain-power and the give-a-damn to see beyond the obvious picture, which in itself is stupid, pointless, disturbing. once you see the meaning behind it, it's a very insightful and artistic look into the mind of a mentally ill person. if you can gather the awesome strength of not mindlessly gazing at the pretty pictures and the groups of letters called 'words', it's easier to grasp the concept David Firth is laying out there. it's really sad, seeing as alot of people out there think the way Salad Fingers does...if you don't like it, fine, but the show brings up very true points about the world and its people.
idgit a: salad fingers is so dumb! he's icky!
nam: you don't have a psychologic bone in your body. go back to watching powerpuff girls; that's probably mindless enough for your mental capacity.
by Nammy September 24, 2007
Salad Fingers is a well known cartoon created by David Firth. The title character is a vaguely human being, with the exception of having green skin and very long "Salad Fingers". Salad Fingers has a strange fondness for rusty objects, especially spoons, and a love for taps. And also a fondness for pain. SF is otherwise a very polite, cordial, and almost friendly person. He lives in a world that is either:
1. A disturbing post-apocalyptic wasteland
2. A frightening insight into the mind/imagination of a very lonely and psychotic serial killer
3. A drug trip

Salad Fingers' only friends are finger puppets named Hubert Cumberdale, Marjory Stewart-Baxter, and Jeremy Fisher. Salad Fingers talks to them and believes them to be real. And the fact that he sees them as real, living, life-size people at certain points throughout the cartoon is a clue to the fact that what we are seeing is possibly not a post-apocalyptic reality but a current, or past, un-reality which exists in the mind of the mentally ill Salad Fingers himself.

His three imaginary "friends" are not the only other beings that Salad Fingers encounters.

There's little boy who SF visits and requests spoons from.

There's another young man who answers when SF calls for help. SF asks him to help get a fish out of the oven. But SF sees a rusty nail and reaches for it, piercing his finger and unintentionally letting the oven door close. SF then passes out and the young man winds up accidentally being cooked in the oven.

There's also Harry (called "Milford Cubicle" by Salad Fingers) which is the corpse of an armless man who died trying to break into Salad FInger's house. However, Salad Finger's hasn't got any clue that he's dead and proceeds to take him inside the house and play him a song on the flute.

There's a un-named little bug-eyed alien boy who loves Salad Fingers but his affections are either not understood or un-returned.

There's Bordois, a little bug who is accidentally squished by Salad Fingers. As usual, SF doesn't notice he's dead and continues to talk to him.

There's Mable, a young girl who goes to a picnic with Salad Fingers and frightens him badly when she speaks English. Apparently he hasn't heard coherent speech from anyone other than himself in quite a long time.

There's Kenneth, another corpse. He was/is Salad Fingers' younger brother who went off to fight the "great war". When Salad Fingers finds his body he brings him inside, feeds him a meal of sand, and then says a tearful goodbye before returning him to the "ghastly trenches" (really a hole in he ground where Kenneth's body was found)

There's Horace Horsecollar, a toy horse that Salad Fingers thinks is a real horse.

And then there's Roger, an apparently broken radio that somehow still emits extremely creepy noises. This terrifies SF into hiding in his cupboard, where SF finds a hair which he saves and adds to his other three. When SF emerges from the cupboard, the radio begins speaking more coherently and instructs SF to clean up his dirty house. When SF protests, Roger the radio forces him to eat all four of the hairs which causes SF to break down and sob hysterically.

The cartoon itself is EXREMELY disturbing, very gory, and gruesome, but also extremely hard to resist watching in an odd way. Kind of like a car wreck: you know you're going to see something you'll regret that will possibly scar you for life, but you can't help watching anyway. Salad Finger's disturbingly gruesome nature and eeriness only add to it's appeal. And you find yourself somehow actually caring about this little psychotic green man who loves rust and pain, and chatting with dead bodies and puppets.

Go figure.

And if you don't want to have a permanent distaste for salad, and a downright phobia of toilets, finger puppets, and radios, don't watch.
"Marjory Stewart-Baxter you taste like sunshine dust!" -Salad Fingers

"I like it when the red water comes out" -Salad Fingers

"What's wrong Mr. Fingers, do you not like my mouth words?" -Mable

by WriterGirl21 July 11, 2008
Salad Fingers is basically the shit! The movies are so creepy and I love them. Everyone I know knows at least one line from every Salad Fingers movie, that's how awesome these movies are.
My tummy box feels broken
by Austin-Lisa May 14, 2005
Salad Fingers is a man, a man with a plan, a man with a vision, a man of great vision, he's a guy, he's a dude, a dude who lactates, warm milk "comes out from the inside of his teat" when he rubs nettles against it, and the best thing about this guy is that his fingers are made of leaf vegetables.

AND he's VERY, VERY, creepy. And he stutters nervously whenever he speaks.
Picture the scene right, you've got a fish cooking in the oven, it's so far at the back that you can't even reach it, so what do you do, you should HELP HELP HELP and some poor guy comes in with a look of permanent terror on his face, no one knows what terrible things this poor soul has seen but the worst is still to come for him, in he comes, you tell him about the fish and explain that with his "supple... little... frame...." he might be able to climb into the oven and get it for him. What do you do next? Well obviously you shut the oven, pierce your leafy fingers on a meat hook on the wall, enjoy the gorgeous sensation and sigh ecstaticly that you "like it when the red water comes out", doze off and eventually wake up in a pool of your own blood smelling the fumes wafting from the oven and comment that "that fish must be almost done by now".

And Salad Fingers has got a room with the all his old friends, minus skin and skeletons, hanging on hooks on the wall.

All I can say is, make sure you've got your SPOON GUARD if this li'l fella comes a-knockin' on your door. He's got a real thing for RUSTY SPOONS. (Spoon guard is available free of charge at, as well as a warning about the possible side effects of spoon guard).
by Arthur Atkinson February 10, 2005
Since there are already a bunch of great definitions of this, I'll only add my two cents:

This has got to be one of THE MOST disturbing things I have seen, and I have seen many, many disturbing things. I'm not one to be creeped out
S-E-E - F-O-R - Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F :
by Eric Melech April 07, 2005
salad fingers is a silly man who is just trying to make it in this world of nettles and rusty spoons.
"i want to marry all you gorgeous taps"
"the feeling of rust agains my salad fingers is almost orgasmic"
by katy luke March 31, 2005
Gender confused "it" that lives in the middle of nowhere, in shack #22. All of his "friends" left him to go to the great war. He randomly names objects and bugs. He has a very "colorful" imagination and a preferance for rusted metal. He likes it when the "red water" comes. He has a lack of intelectual skills and utterly terrified by human speech except for his own, as shown in episode 5. There are currently 7 episodes all of which created by David Firth.
(as Salad Fingers stabs his finger on a rusty hook) "I like it when the red water comes out"
by Fat-Pie April 15, 2006
Salad Fingers is NOT a woman, HE is a man. He lives in a small cabin and has random visits from his kooky friends. He lives for rusty spoons and has often dreamt of taps. He is easily excited and likes it when the red water comes out.

"Do you not like my mouth words."
"Where have you gotten to?"
"You look so beautiful...sob....It's your big day."
"You're all ready for the big race."
"Jeremy Fisher, I thought you were off fighting the great
Salad Fingers is your friend.
by Jay Prade February 04, 2006

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