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Someone who is overweight, rotund, obese, fat
See the person over there they look like a real salad dodger.

by David Paton May 09, 2007
20 12
A person who has eaten more than their fair-share of chips, pies, cream cakes etc while avoiding the healthier and less fattening options. Also: Buffet Slayer, Lard Ass..
Oh my God - Look at her in the queue at the kebab van... She's a salad dodger and no mistake!
by Davey B. August 13, 2007
14 10
Likes food a little too much
That salad-dodger is eating another KFC
by Rik Waller March 07, 2003
7 4
The excellent chap from the Download Festival Forum
Saladdodger, Hes one of a kind. Just like Homer Simpson.
by Thesaladdodger September 15, 2006
0 1
a fat chick or guy, somone who is obviously not on a diet
see that fat guy he is a salad dodger
by Sailor James October 06, 2009
1 3
A fat ass who eats everything excepts healthy foods like salad
1.Hunter was such a Salad Dodger. MAybe his fatass might not breakeverything he sat on if he ate a salad
2. Maybe if hunter wouldnt of been on top Grant would still be alive
by Chance 242424242424 March 05, 2009
5 7
One you nimbly avoids the salad toss
Dont even bother trying to rape Eddy hes a salad dodger
by Hicke December 14, 2003
10 32