Someone who is overweight, rotund, obese, fat
See the person over there they look like a real salad dodger.

by David Paton May 09, 2007
A person who has eaten more than their fair-share of chips, pies, cream cakes etc while avoiding the healthier and less fattening options. Also: Buffet Slayer, Lard Ass..
Oh my God - Look at her in the queue at the kebab van... She's a salad dodger and no mistake!
by Davey B. August 13, 2007
The excellent chap from the Download Festival Forum
Saladdodger, Hes one of a kind. Just like Homer Simpson.
by Thesaladdodger September 15, 2006
a fat chick or guy, somone who is obviously not on a diet
see that fat guy he is a salad dodger
by Sailor James October 06, 2009
A fat ass who eats everything excepts healthy foods like salad
1.Hunter was such a Salad Dodger. MAybe his fatass might not breakeverything he sat on if he ate a salad
2. Maybe if hunter wouldnt of been on top Grant would still be alive
by Chance 242424242424 March 05, 2009
One you nimbly avoids the salad toss
Dont even bother trying to rape Eddy hes a salad dodger
by Hicke December 14, 2003
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