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used as an adjective when something or someone is so dumbfoundingly dumb looking.
matt: hey dude, look at thatn guy, hes wearing a rainbow tie!
Josh: dude, what a salad bar
by zognut September 05, 2011
When two lovers simultaneously perform the act of salad tossing on each other.
If things go well tonight, Kenny and I are going to sample salad bar!
by Gigy June 13, 2010
When 4 or more homeless women are in a Toyota Prius having intercourse.
I was driving to work today and i saw a "Salad Bar".
by TheTotalTruth1312 February 16, 2012
A place where a group of people gather and form a circle to toss each others salad.
Guy 1: Hey what did you want to do this weekend?
Guy 2: I'm feeling kind of horny so lets hit up the salad bar downtown.
by tractorandababy14 April 13, 2011
(adj.) A form of logically-flawed apologeticism: Evidence that selectively favors one's position, the unfavorable evidence being ignored.
Social economic Darwinists (SEDs) are salad bar nature fanciers; they ignore the fact that nature has no policemen and thus the equilibrium in such a "free" (SED) society will inevitably be one with far more inequality, fraud, and criminal activity.

by SomeoneAmazing April 13, 2008
A row of nice asses lined up & ready to to be eaten or have blue cheese dressing shot onto
I ate fourteen different salads at the bar last night
by doyle February 13, 2004
There is a salad bar at the restaurant I work at. A salad bar has salad and other healthy food that appeals to people who are conscious about what goes into their body.

Because the restaurant I work at has a salad bar, I have to deal with guests who freak out when they see the salad bar. They exclaim, "Ohhh look at that a salad bar!" and then they walk over to it and check it out/flirt with it while the children are near.

Usually, airhead fags hang around the salad bar exclaiming, "salad bar!" and hogging a restaurant booth talking about how to lose weight while their server overlooks them pondering how much time their wasting on these idiots.
Laura : Ohhh look salad bar! OMG! SALAD BAR! Stop walking for a second, SALAD BAR IS ATTRACTING ME! IT'S SO NICE AND SEXY.

Hostess: Oh jeez! *Rolls eyes*
by Hostess March 27, 2005