(adj.) A form of logically-flawed apologeticism: Evidence that selectively favors one's position, the unfavorable evidence being ignored.
Social economic Darwinists (SEDs) are salad bar nature fanciers; they ignore the fact that nature has no policemen and thus the equilibrium in such a "free" (SED) society will inevitably be one with far more inequality, fraud, and criminal activity.

by SomeoneAmazing April 13, 2008
Top Definition
When two lovers simultaneously perform the act of salad tossing on each other.
If things go well tonight, Kenny and I are going to sample salad bar!
by Gigy June 13, 2010
When 4 or more homeless women are in a Toyota Prius having intercourse.
I was driving to work today and i saw a "Salad Bar".
by TheTotalTruth1312 February 16, 2012
A place where a group of people gather and form a circle to toss each others salad.
Guy 1: Hey what did you want to do this weekend?
Guy 2: I'm feeling kind of horny so lets hit up the salad bar downtown.
by tractorandababy14 April 13, 2011
used as an adjective when something or someone is so dumbfoundingly dumb looking.
matt: hey dude, look at thatn guy, hes wearing a rainbow tie!
Josh: dude, what a salad bar
by zognut September 05, 2011
A row of nice asses lined up & ready to to be eaten or have blue cheese dressing shot onto
I ate fourteen different salads at the bar last night
by doyle February 13, 2004
There is a salad bar at the restaurant I work at. A salad bar has salad and other healthy food that appeals to people who are conscious about what goes into their body.

Because the restaurant I work at has a salad bar, I have to deal with guests who freak out when they see the salad bar. They exclaim, "Ohhh look at that a salad bar!" and then they walk over to it and check it out/flirt with it while the children are near.

Usually, airhead fags hang around the salad bar exclaiming, "salad bar!" and hogging a restaurant booth talking about how to lose weight while their server overlooks them pondering how much time their wasting on these idiots.
Laura : Ohhh look salad bar! OMG! SALAD BAR! Stop walking for a second, SALAD BAR IS ATTRACTING ME! IT'S SO NICE AND SEXY.

Hostess: Oh jeez! *Rolls eyes*
by Hostess March 27, 2005
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