Nigger, Black person, Nice way of calling someone a nigger
*Black people screaming and talking*
Me: Mer! look at them salads screaming and talking tell them to stfu!
by LAMKCO January 27, 2008
another word for shit courtesy of jay and silent bob
hey man hold on i gotta take a wicked salad
by pretty pissy April 09, 2006
When you moon somebody, and tuck your nuts and weiner between your legs when you do it.
"i just gave that passing car a salad"
by Tommy F. September 03, 2005
U fucking crackheads, a salad ais a tasty entree served before dinner i.e. Ceasar salad/House Salad, Jezzzzus
The Spinache salad looked like regurgitated dog shit
A word used for alocholic beverages.
Nonun: Did you have salad last night?
Verb: Are we salading tonight?
by Ocerg1 December 09, 2006
A homosexual, effeminate, or pathetic individual. Linked to homosexual slur "fruit." Owing to the large amount of homosexuals or men appearing homosexual in New York City, the phrase "fruit salad" naturally followed. Simply "salad" was the next logical progression. Abbrev: "sally"
Jadakiss: "salad ass niggaz."
"Yo, that shirt is soo salad."
by rch April 28, 2005
the shit that is still in the rectum.
mixed food that is in it's final stage of digestion
by Adwo February 04, 2004

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