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1. A derogatory phrase used to describe an individual, male or female, who is useless, unnecessary, and therefore completely undesirable in any situation. Salad spoons tend to be emotional creatures and lack a good sense of humor. They have the amazing ability to ruin any fun, completely destroy good moods, undermine positive vibes, and totally suck in general.

Nobody needs a spoon to eat a salad, and nobody wants to be around a lame ass salad spoon.

Salad spoons are the modern day version of a wet blanket .

2. A salad spoon moment is any time that an otherwise legit individual has a momentary lapse of gangster and therefore exposes a temporary vulnerability. Referring to this moment as a salad spoon moment is a way to bring comic relief to the situation.

Calling these soft and emotional outbursts salad spoon moments is the modern day equivalent of saying no homo .
"Yo, you know you're my boy, right? I need you to know that... I love you, man.. You are my best friend, seriously, and I don't know what I'd do without you." / "This salad spoon moment was brought to you by tequila, Marlboro Reds, and the letter D."

"Hey, man. All the homies are going to a dope ass house party tonight. Then we're heading to the strip club to make it rain on some topless bitches. You down?" / "Nah, I can't. It's Friday night so I am helping my mom clean the tubes on the vacuum cleaner, then taking my girlfriend to see the new Twilight movie."

"Hey, man. I was walking downtown when I saw a church on fire, so I ran in and saved one thousand orphans from certain death, then continued walking home. Then I was attacked by a rabid grizzly bear, which I fought off with my bare hands. Now I'm pretty sure the bear is stalking me and planning to eat me alive. I'm only a few blocks from your crib - can you pick me up? I really need a ride." / "Well, sorry, bro, but I really shouldn't be driving in this condition. I already drank two whole fuzzy navel wine coolers while I was organizing my collection of Ed Hardy t-shirts, and it's dangerous to drink and drive."
by JenGonzo August 24, 2012
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