A cleveland steamer performed after a three-day steady diet of canned corn.
Visible corn in the fecal matter is required before the acts can be distinguished.
Rachelle preferred her partner to eat only Jolly Green Giant Niblets before he gave her a salad shooter.
by Eccles February 06, 2005
Top Definition
Alcohol ingested by tossing the salad of a partner who has had a jello shot injected into their rectum.

*See toss salad.
Mason gave me my first chocolate salad shooter last night. It was tart and sticky, but I got drunk as shit.
by FlyingSharkXD May 12, 2015
Salad Shooter- A vegetarian who has bad diarrhea.
I shouldnt have eaten that 2 month old asparagus, uhhhhhhh........
by Mac April 16, 2004
A vegitarian or vegan with the runs.
by kreecher August 16, 2003
A phrase used to convey anger, frustration, or simply to replace other, more crude words. Also used as a question/answer to inquire as to the status of another person, with the response conveying frustration. Generally used in workplace environments where cursing is discouraged.
Dude: *heavy sigh*
Chick: "Salad shooter?"
Dude: "Ugh. Salad shooter."
by NutBoii November 29, 2011
A salad shooter is usually a vegan individual that consumes too little food prior to a night of heavy drinking, karaoke and or playing video games, specifically Dance Dance Revolution.

The "shooting" occurs about an hour later, unexpectedly, when the victim pukes suddenly - coating windows, walls and soaking clothing with bile and shredded carrot bits.
"Last night was turbo fun, until Emmanuel went all salad shooter in my car."
by claw_machine March 19, 2010
Defined as: Noun: What your ass turns into after partaking in a fast food lunch. It is also another way of saying diarrhea. The end result is your ass spackling a toilet wall with shit. This term is coined after the famous hand operated kitchen utensil sold on TV in the 80's which "shot" salad from a small orifice.
Damn that supposedly healthy sandwich I just ate made me run to the bathroom for a salad shooter experience.
by E2thaP2thaMD September 08, 2008
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