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An excellent phrase for an overweight person
by Karlito April 20, 2003
A non offensive term refering to fat people.
Man watch it there is a salad dodger checking you out. Or you can say thats a lifetime salad dodger.
by Shayfer Mosness February 05, 2004
an over weight person
by jason brown December 09, 2002
An obese person.
That has got to be the biggest salad-doger in the world!
by Falcon March 07, 2003
Obese person seen eating unhealthy food; one whose diet includes very few salads.
Nobobdy else got dessert because some 400 pound salad dodger ate all the cake.
by Jeremy Gibbs May 13, 2006
a fat person with poor nutritional habits.
Wow you ex-girlfriend has put on some weight!
Yea, she's become quite the salad dodger.
by Dave Inc February 12, 2007
A person who is overweight.
Kelly Clarkston is a total salad dodger.
by muffon August 31, 2006