Sexy Pink haired support character from the shows "Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden" she is pretty much useless in naruto but becomes a big character in naruto shippuden. She is flat chested but has a large round behind.
Sakura Haruno
Fan1: That flat chested bitch is so useless.

Fan2: not to worry she gets more useful and her ass makes up for her lack of rack.
by Another naruto fan December 02, 2010
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A pink haired annoying Kunoichi (female ninja) from the series "Naruto" in which all she says and does is based around Sasuke (an emo ninja trying to kill his brother), all the frickin time. She is basically a useless character that only affected the plot slightley.

Through out the Naruto series she becomes less annyoing and becomes actually usesful (a big shocker), while being under the guidance of Tsunade (a big chested old lady that makes herself appear to be younger than what she really is)
At the beginning of the "Naruto Shippuuden" series Sakura is seen to be kick-ass. She is a well equppied medical ninja and has one hell of a punch that can cause a tremor.

So basically "Naruto" Sakure = An annoying Bitch
"Naruto Shippuuden" Sakura = Kick ass bitch that you never want to cross.
NarutoFanGirl: Oh my god Sakura Haruno is such a useless bitch, all she cares about is that emo kid and not the kid with the demon fox sealed within him!
AntiSakuraxNaruto: I know, why did Kishimoto even make her?
NarutoFanGirl: I guess he was high or something. Why is it that most anime girls have the hots for the emo boys that dont give a crap about them?!
Seriously why the hell?!!!
AntiSakuraxNaruto: Well at least she becomes useful in the shippuuden series, but shes still flat chested.
NarutoFanGirl: Yeah the only thing that grew for her is her attitude and her huge ass.
by ConkerEternity February 25, 2009
A smart, pink-haired kunoichi from the Manga and Anime Naruto. She is one of the many Sasuke Uchiha fangirls, who's ex-bestfriend and rival is Ino Yamanaka. She is teamed up with Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and their sensei, Kakashi Hatake. During the old Naruto series, she is generally weak and sensitive, while in Naruto Shippudden, she trained under Tsunade and became a much stronger ninja with unnatural strength.
"I promised Naruto... I said that this this time we'd be together!"- Sakura Haruno
by Nikeesha January 13, 2009
Some annoying ass thirsty pink haired girl that all up in my business who never shut up and tryna take back my one good ass up in my squad .someone annoying
Dont be a sakura hauno ,
You more thirsty than Sakura Haruno
girl yo weave faker than Sakura Haruno
by 大蛇丸 Orochimaru January 30, 2016
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