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A timer for popular anime subtitles, Sakumiji is also the most gorgeous girl in the anime world. She can be found on IRC channels helping other subbers distribute popular anime series, along with her favorite "fansub" group, Taka.

Typically, she is sweet and affectionate to her friends, most specifically the "Fanfour," consisting of Secludedly, BobbyDrake and Carbon. She can usually be found laughing at random words like "What?" and "Serioso" and is easily agitated by stupid comments, typically responding simply with "-.-" as an indication to "BACK THE FUCK UP."

Without Sakumiji, subbing would be harder thanks to her expertise in timing and she sacrifices her health constantly for the sake of the fans and fellow coworkers.

She likes Hello Kitty, Taka Fansubs, the color pink, internet, IRC, making intimidating emoticons, fashion, Naruto, classical music, jpop/rock, and other various and random things.
"Oh, look. Sakumiji came online. We're saved!"
"Hey, Sakumiji... I wish I was as hot as you. :)"
by Anonymous54m September 28, 2009
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