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is a japanese word that means "Elimination". It came from Death Note, a popular japanese anime and its often used by fans who claim they want to kill or dismiss someone
hey you!, sakujo!
I hate those guys, sakujo, sakujo, sakujo!
by HadesHavok August 23, 2007
1. Japanese for "eliminate", "delete", etc.
2. To destroy with a pen or other writing utensil (From Mikami of Death Note, who mutters "sakujo" whenever he writes a name in the Death Note, which kills them) It is most often put into past tense with "'d" instead of "-ed".
1. Oh noes! All the yaoi on my hard drive has been sakujo'd!
2-1. He just sakujo'd a million criminals last night with the Death Note.
2-2. Person 1: Woah, did he just stab that guy with a pen?
Person 2: Yup, that guy's been sakujo'd.
by X-Kira July 03, 2007

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