According to the great Theo, men use St. Pat's day as an excuse to touch women who aren't wearing green.
Guy: looks like you arent wearing green, its saint patricks day! *pinches breasts*
Girl: Ahh you caught me
Guy (inside): =) =) =) VICTORY!
by sham March 19, 2004
March 17 - a Day to Drink as much piss as possible (notably Guinness) then fall over the floor swearing at your mates and the bartenders
Drink that Guinness mate
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
The bestest day in the entire world. Everyone is Irish and you can drink until you're shit faced. Guinness flows like water and you get to pinch people on the ass. It's also MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOO HOOOO
Meet you at the pub for some lucky charms and green beer.
by Patty March 28, 2004
Free beer in Ireland (Lucky sons of bitches), a whole load of pinching for those who don't wear green in other countries. Stupid leprechaun cunts.
The next kid who pinches me for not wearing green, I'll fucking devour you and your mom.
by The Robinator March 25, 2004
A shit day for wankers who think they come from Ireland. An excuse for more acts of mass terror and balaclava wearing.
As in "Should we hand our weapons over?
"No, let's just bomb another pub in England."
by Roland Rat April 06, 2005
An unnecessary day hosted with irregular attacks like pinching causing caustic blood drips.

Also a celebration for the long supressed Irish - another addition to holidays celebrating Americas loving for i-am-sorry-for-hurting-you-oppression.
Example One
"Bitch Ima piench ye ass."
Example Two
"Sorry my Irish bitch I did not mean to skin you."
by isuckaeye March 17, 2004

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