According to the great Theo, men use St. Pat's day as an excuse to touch women who aren't wearing green.
Guy: looks like you arent wearing green, its saint patricks day! *pinches breasts*
Girl: Ahh you caught me
Guy (inside): =) =) =) VICTORY!
by sham March 19, 2004
An incredibly annoying time when Americans forget that they're American and run around trying desperately to out-Irish each other with needlessly gaudy green clothing exacerbated by their all-too-often overweight frames. This time is made all the worse by the perceived need to drink as much imitation Guiness, vomit on aforementioned green clothing then try to kiss strangers and get punched for your trouble.
"Kiss me, I'm Irish and it's Saint Patrick's Day". "You're still fat and ugly, so the answer's still No".
by Theotherrichard March 17, 2008
The one day of the year when it doesn't suck to live in Savannah.
I got river faced on shit street
by tuce March 18, 2004
A day for all of ireland to get pissed
It's Saint Patrick's Day, time for a drink
by gkbcfc March 17, 2008
The feast day of the patron saint of ireland. Great because you get off school and/or work (in Ireland at least) and you have an excuse to swear a lot, drink a lot and be patriotic to the emerald isle. The parades are brilliant craic and remember to wear green... =]

Stupid if you're not actually irish, only pretending. You're not irish if your great great great granny emigrated from dublin in 1709. =
"Are ye coming down to the Saint Patrick's Day parade in Cork?"
"Aye, what's it got for me?"
"Drink, girls and a load o' craic"
by hermanthevikingfish March 18, 2008
A holiday where everyone is Irish and can vomit copious amounts of green puke in public places.
Chico and Hertzel decorated my stoop with green puke for Saint Patrick's Day.
by chicadona March 18, 2008
An excuse to get drunk on a Sunday.
Person 1: Lets go get drunk.
Person 2: But there's school tomorrow!
Person 1: So? It's Saint Patrick's day!
Person 2: WHy didn't you say so in the first place?
by Emadorily March 13, 2005

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