A school full of amazingly great fags on the Upper east side that has done ever girl (and guy) in Manhattan. They compare each others "forests" meaning sexual organs and enjoy seeing one another naked. They can be stupid and prevocotive at times, but we all still love them because they are practically the only hot guys school left. Many of them are hated, but majority is liked very much.
st. b guy: "so you and the girls from your school take showers together right?"
girl: "uh no..."
st. b guy: "are you kidding me? You guys don't see eachother naked?"
girl: "no! why do you guys?"
st. b guy: "yeah! we compare eachothers 'forests' "
other st b. guy: "yeah we even made a list who has the biggest penis"
girls: wow you saint bernards kids are pretty cool"
by James Oglethorpe June 01, 2006
Top Definition
A very beautiful dog breed. It is the largest dog breed on earth, outweighing, the Great dane, American Mastiff, English Mastiff, and all the other dog breeds. They are one of the best dog breeds. The largest dog on earth was a Saint Bernard, weighing over 500 lbs!The second largest dog breed on earth is the American Mastiff. English Mastiff comes third, and Great Dane comes fourth. Here is a list of other names of Saint Bernard: Saint Berhardshund, Alpline Mastiff, and Bernhardiner. The real name Saint Bernard, of course. They were used for working, and rescue dogs. They are catholic. They were owned by monks and priests. Saint Bernards are the largest and best Mastiffs!
Saint Bernards rule the Mastiffs! They are cute! The Saint Bernard is a heavyweight dog!
by Shelby A and Sabrina April 03, 2007
when you cummmmm in a girls mouth and you punch her in the jaw, breaking it, thus she drools like a saint bernard (or a bulldog, you get da picture).
Damn I punched that minger in the face after she bit my dick and she was so high and drunk she just sat there retarded and drooled like a saint bernard. Aight minga?
by Madame Minga January 08, 2010
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