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Possibly one of the most hated GPS schools, along with Saint Ignatius, Shore, Grammar, High and Newington. They are a bunch of wannabe mad dogs, but fail. They have been known to recruit a bunch of Aboriginals on rugby scholarships. Yer. GREAT WORK GUYS. Most of the other schools question the Joey's sexuality as well. Ok, they wear pink rugby jerseys, not friggen cerise. But cerise still sounds gay, so i dunno what they are whingeing about. Other interesting facts-
a male gappy is currently banging an employee(unspecified gender)
Saint Josephs College, Hunters hill at home, vs the MIGHTY TKS
Abo kid- wanna go me bah? i'll see you after da game!
White Fella- sure thing, bring all ya mates to you cocky little bastard.
later on
Abo kid- sorry bah, i gotta go now. maybe next time aye?
by Cameron fuckin Warnock August 24, 2009
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