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Known to be an incredibly able Leader, with incredible skill in the art of Debating. Known to be ruthless in leadership of large organisations, and to punish those that annoy her to questionable standards. Is easily the best insulter in these lands and is a self apointed Saint after the successful campaigns she's run. If you know her, don't dare annoy her, or you won't wake up tommorrow. Seen commonly on the popular game called RuneScape.
The next best thing from the British Monarchy, it's our very own; Saint Jessica! The ultimate mixture of Satan and God.
by Lord Richard Spillman March 26, 2008
A sexy, arrogant bitch. One of the greatest leaders there is, but enjoys torturing and manipulating people for fun. Likes to go by the names of Saint Jessica the Lionheart or Saint Jessica the Malevolent.
Dude, she that hot chick over there? Thats Saint Jessica. Get your wallet out.
by Jessica Elizabeth February 16, 2008
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