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The act of getting sexually aroused at the mere thought of the victory against Loyola in 2009, (27-23) which will most likely never happen again. Ever since this infamous day, Saint Francis has not gotten over the fact that they performed this blessed victory; yet, it still took them over a quarter of a century to complete this feat.
Saint Francis Guy: We so good! We beat you in foooobaaa! You guys suuuuuck!

Loyola Scholar: Ah, yes you did defeat us. Why do you feel the need to bring up an event that happened years ago? Loyola destroys Saint Francis in basketball, soccer, and cross country. Loyola could also defeat Saint Francis in water polo and lacrosse, that is . . . if your school could actually afford to build facilities for those sports. Not to mention Loyola’s sterling academics which surpass your kindergarten IQ’s.

Saint Francis Guy: 27-23 all day!!!! Dietrich Riley!!!

Loyola Scholar: Dietrich Riley is an absolute and utter disgrace to UCLA football; Anthony Barr, on the other hand, actually gets playing time. Such a typical Saint Francis Boner rage . . .
by jomama217 December 15, 2011
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