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I school in Davie Florida that is falling apart, has a terrible staff, and a principle that is said to use the tuition money on her taxes.
Guy 1: Don't you feel sorry for that kid that has to go to Saint David Catholic School?
Guy 2: Yeah. I hear the walls are falling apart.
by Espio March 26, 2010
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Saint David is a school in Davie, Florida. It's not the greatest school ever but, a place with lots of memories that could last a life time. it's a place where you'll make the greatest friends and the funniest teachers. Go there, you'll never regret it later on. The middle school teachers are the best you could ask for. And the choir is totally awesome. They sang for the pope and his pointy hat. Nothing could compare to the fun we've had there. And as the years go by our friendship will never die.
Brian: Natalie do the teradocto!

*Natalie makes 'eeek' noise*

Teacher: I gotta write this down... *scribbles* Only at Saint David Catholic School.... I love this class!
by class-of-2011 January 29, 2011
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