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1 . A hot black chick with a HUGE booty like DAMN kind of thick with nice boobs to look at . No she does NOT have nappy hair and gets good grades She is wise and a keeper . If you start with her she'll end it ;) An outgoing nice girl that has a cute sense of humor and is loved by many

2 . HOT

3 . A classy girl

4 . Related to a mom with at least 8 children like
Saimia , Sailon , Saibre , Saileia , Savanna , Saisha , Samantha , Saionna
DAMMMNN Saimia got it all

Mike : Hey Joe what kind of chicks you into bruh

Joe : Damn out of all I love the Saimia kind of girls .
by Babyshortycakes August 17, 2011

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