A jolly good old time where heterosexual men take a bubble bath together wearing paper sailor hats. Playing with rubby duckies, squirt guns, boats and action figures are not necessary, but highly encouraged.
Hey dude, want to come over and play sailors?
by Sailor Jim January 23, 2007
A codeword for a common "whore". Good for when you're with you're girlfriends/gay friends and that individual "whore" is acting quite "whorish."
That sailor! Oh no she DI-IN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!
by bhuy65 November 04, 2006
A group of 4 extremely sexy girls. Everyone looks up to them and strives to be them. They make head's turn, and are possibly the best looking, best personality beings to ever walk this earth. Their boat was once amazing, you know you want in, as they allready have many people on the waiting list as wanabees. They know how to have a good time, with chocolate baths, towns, cake, sleepovers, dances and more, but also know how to have a fight. Ohh the sailor chats, geeso. They out do any other group and of course have the perfect penis.
'Dan: OMG Who are those FITTIES?

Tom: Oh, how do you not know? they are the SAILORS!

Dan: WOWW, get me their numbers.'
by Sailortoo March 02, 2008
Cum; semen (get it, seamen?)
There's no feeling like getting your sailors to swim into your girl's sea of love.
by pentozali December 24, 2011
Someone inadvertently drenches the end of a cigarette with their vile saliva.
*Jon* - Hey dude, can i have a drag of that cig?

*Alex* - Yeah man, go for it.

(Hands cigarette to Jon, Jon takes drag and gives it back)

*Alex* - Oh dude. You fucking dirty Sailor..
by paralysis May 04, 2011
A particularly metrosexual male who pretends to be gay with his friends, often misunderstood by the gay community as a homosexual. These males are generally bitchy, and jokes made against them frequently refer to oceans or ships.
Adam: "Howdy sailor! Would you like to scrub my deck, I have a pole that needs polishing." ;)

Luke (Sailor): "Dude, like, get, like seriously, the fuck away from me, loooser!"

Adam: "So there are no cannons that need some balls loaded up?"
by Perishes August 31, 2010
Someone of the male gender who is a fruitcake or plays the skin flute. A person who is a tool who gathers with other tools.
Hey sailors! Show us your anchors!
Look at that sailor from MANDEVILLE high, I bet he is A fire hazard .
by scotty c. November 13, 2007

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