Arabic for 'Sword'. Usually kept as the name of a male child by Arab or Muslim parents.
Person 1: 'What did you name your child?'
Person 2: 'We named him Saif'
Person 1: 'Oh, what a nice name!'
Person 2: 'Why, thank you!'
by msquad194021 May 26, 2010
Top Definition
Saif is an absolute sex god, he plays around with women but always has his eye on that one girl who he thinks is perfect. He is tall dark and handsome and keeps a stubble. He has an amazing personality and a smile that kills the ladies. However he is insecure about himself and doesn't know how amazing he is. He also has a massive cock and please whomever he fucks
" omg did you see that guy! He's a Saif"

" I wish i could find a Saif "
by cantrelivethepast May 28, 2013

1. Ruler of your brainless soul...He owns you and your sorry subconscious self.
2. An action performed to prevent one from being fatally wounded to the head while being chased down by a rabid butterfly. Ohh… it is possible.
"Saif owns me!"

"Ahh help help I'm bieng chased down by a rabid butterfly..I'm gonan Saif"
by WiseGUY January 12, 2005
noun - an amazing person
verb - to laugh so much that you get high and your bellybutton starts laughing at you
adjective - super extreme
Noun - The person that just saved the world is a Saif
Verb - Don't laugh to much or you might saif.
Adjective - That guy is saifingly smart.
by IamProcrastinating October 01, 2011
A mexican drug dealer who has a fridge cupboard
you see that saif
by hugsforu June 24, 2016
The type of nigga who's hairline gets fucked up at barbershops
Saif- yo can you hit me up with a freshcut
Barber- aight i gotchu--- wait who botched your hairline
by omieg June 27, 2014
An engineer that likes to hug fridges and possibly other appliances. Is found with an Anuj on occasions.
Man, that's so saif.
by KRUPA (pancakes) January 12, 2005
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