When a man lowers his ass onto another person's face so their butt cheeks block their nose so they are unable to breathe and they shit in their mouth and they are forced to swallow it because they can't breathe.
by xcejkhrvltbgiuwfvhcadk May 01, 2013
Someone who tends to be of Indian origin and is a sweet and sensitive guy.
Sahil listens to my problems.
by potato's chip(: April 12, 2009
someone to make you smile
he's sahil
by junebug;) May 04, 2009
a guy whose social networking pages have been blowing up with bitches since 2003
Damn check out Sahil. Guy's blowing up with bitches.
by thatbrownkid12345 July 26, 2012
A term used for a person who has a sleeping disoder when it comes to school, can be considered as mentally disturbed.
I am afraid he has the Sahil disoder.
by French Forever April 29, 2010
A Punjabi rhinologist who is obsessed with the words "chestanu" and "totipotent," while hopelessly mispronouncing them. He is an expert on elite bhangra moves.
Man (while pumping arms up and down): "Chestaanu Totipotent!"

Bystander: "He must be a Sahil"
by pikachu252 December 06, 2010
this dude is a crip. He smells of ganga and graffitis alot. He has a tattoo on his left butt cheek.
nigga 4 real and is a nigga so blac.
by abdullah March 04, 2005

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