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/n/: Opposite of the word 'faggot'.
Term used to describe one who bashes things because he/she doesn't like them.
Comes from the common image of the teenager who sags his pants.
Also, a saggot could be one who walks as if they've crap in their underwear.
"Eww, you're such a saggot!"
by Melodic Mochi March 26, 2010
1 5
A derogatory term which is a combination of the words 'saggy' and 'faggot'. Saggot being a common prefix to insults in the south of the UK.

Normally used as a variation of faggot or when you want the meaning to be strengthened
Person A: Hi!

Person B: You are an absolute saggot.
by The muntinator March 23, 2011
16 3
"Saggot" is a play on words of actor Bob Saget who went from being a family-friendly Dad on the sitcom "Full House" to preforming very vulgar stand-up comedy. A "Saggot" is anyone who completely changes their styles or goes from one extreme to the next.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see Jerry at school yesterday?

Guy 2: Yeah, he went from being a super preppy fag to a super emo fag. It's ridiculous how easily he'll change.

Guy 1: He's such a Saggot.
by BiGoDeViN February 17, 2013
11 6
A derogatory term used on set by non-union actors to describe other actors that are members of the Screen Actors Guild, or SAG.
Mike: Why can't the Non Union go to lunch yet?

Drew: Cause the saggots get to go through the line first.

Mike: Man I wish I was a saggot.
by andkeepitdown February 06, 2010
15 12
n.: The sexual slur for a straight person. Derived from another sexual slur (which should be fairly obvious,) and is used in the same nature. Same pronounciation as Bob Saget's last name.
Damn, those saggots are so disgusting. I mean, what *normal* guy wants to have sex with a *GIRL*, and vice versa? Seriously!

Go and BREED, you bunch of disgusting saggots.
by Mr. eX April 16, 2004
26 23
A person who thinks that they are the coolest and prettiest person in the universe just because they sag their pants really low
Hey Brittney, you're a fatass Saggot
by UrbyUrb March 15, 2010
5 8
One who insists on "sagging" their pants as a fashion statement. Not used in a homosexual or Full House context.
Saggot; "Ayyee, man i'll have so much swagg if people can see my Hollister boxers when I go out to da club."
Observer: "Naw, man. You'll just look like a saggot."
by Tallyhoe327 March 08, 2012
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