A prison in Newport Beach.
A secret Nazi training camp.
There were four more massacres at Sage Hill this morning...
by SomeGuy March 09, 2003
Full of spoiled white kids who think theyre all that. They have a really shitty tennis team whose players who can't play for shit. Especially a kid named grant gerdau..... a faggot who thinks he can play tennis well
Sage Hill is for loser pieces of shit
by Can actually play tennis March 07, 2007
Sage Hill is a school that all in all is bullshit.
1. For $19000 dollars a year not only could one get a decent education they could get the education with a gorilla fucking them up the ass.
2. It contains individuals such as the Palleys. An ugly family with way to much money. And they also show to places uninvited.
3. For 19 grand they will gladly fuck your sense of community so far up that you will never see the world as it is.
4. Full of liberals that want to legalize gay marriage, and want us all to lose our fire arms.
5. Even though they have 19 grand per student... the chairs, computesr, and doors all suck shit.
6. 2. There was a teacher that had gay porn on the internet... i rest my case

fuck teh paleys
"dude no that school has palley's"
by brendan February 11, 2005
A School where children are heavily sheltered because god forbid they be given one dose of reality. The kids are ignorant and bitch about matters they have no idea about. A place where children try to act poor for self-pity and attention when in fact their amazingly rich. A School for people who think their black . . . their not.

Sage is a place where losers can feel welcome because at Sage everybody is friends because sage is a happy understanding place where everyone gets along. Its a place where nerds can feel welcome becaus at any normal school they would get the shit beaten out of them daily.

Sage is a place where for first cars kids get Porches, mercedes, lexus's, ferrari's, and ESCALADES. And kids complain when they dont get one of these. Because God forbid you have a normal car for your first car

In short. Sage hill is a place for snobby stuck up ignorant rich kids
Sage Hill? Yeah I've heard of that place I'd kill myself if I went there.
by Zeus? November 09, 2004
The gayest school in Orange County in whic a car show could easily be put together by the freshman class cars in the parking lot alone
If you go to Sage Hill your ass belongs is a Mercedes.
by freshman November 16, 2003
Gayest private school in Orange County. Teeming with rich white kids who drive mercedes and bmw's to school that their parents bought them.
You go to sage hill?... you fag.
by yo September 21, 2003
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