A private school in Newport. Sure, it may be the "rich white kid" school, but it's not only that. Some way it is a great school, there are ups and downs about it.

+Small school
-You see the same people everyday fucking day. If you hate someone, it's hard to avoid them
+Teachers are great
-Some grade super hard. You can't even get straight A's unless you work super hard
+People are not snobby
-Well maybe a few
-Diversity...there is NO diversity at this school. There are like 40 Asians/Half, 6 Indian, 9 Hispanics, 3 African Americans, and the rest are Caucasian
Overall, it is a good school. All of you who hate this school are losers and just jealous.
Sage Hill is niiiiiiice..
by The truth of Sage Hill January 17, 2005
U ppl think we do well in sports? Who the hell do u think ur kidding. We have to mooch facilities off CdM and OCC, and we pay more then the college ppl do to go here!
Sage Hill: The only one for miles with no track, pool, or girls softball field.
by take a look around April 21, 2005
Well I'm glad Sage Hill's administration is doing something worth while with all the money that gets handed to them through tuition and donations. Its encouraging to know that the school is so well organized that grown men and women can sit around and post definitions boosting their own egos about their failing institution, on a website frequented by deliquents who really don't give a shit about what the school stands for.
And PS, don't flatter yourself about having 390 students, Clint, your projected enrollment was 500 as of this past year. I call that a problem, not a selling point.
You're all wrong. Sage Hill's biggest problem is not the students. It's the bullshit that is spewed by the administration. They preach all these "values" like compassion and integrity and diversity. In reality, they do nothing but black list, scape goat and intimidate anyone who disagrees with their bullshit policies and arbitrary decisions.
So you and your parents bought what it said in all the brochures? Think you're attending an enlightened, new age center for progressive education in sunny so cal? Wrong! You just landed in some antiquated, rigid, stick-up-your-ass, 200 year old New England prep school.
by The Truth May 11, 2004
1. A school that, for $19,000 tuition, per student (not counting hundreds of thousands in donations), can't afford computers that work or halfway decent chairs.

2. A place that wants to instill in young people a false sense of community. For $19,000.

3. Where to put $19,000 if you are bored.
So you have $19,000? Why not go to Sage Hill?
by Being smart is expensive November 14, 2004
A high school in Newport filled with rich snobby white kids, posers, douche-bags, nerds, massive dickholes, scrubs, cunts, and flappy cunts. No one is athletic. The cafeteria was once infested with rats.
Trent: Oh my God, Hi! What school do you go to?

Nathaniel: Sage Hill.

Trent: Get the fuck out of here you massive dickhole rich fuck.

Nathaniel: Okay
by Lightening Destroyer December 31, 2012
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