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A school which you apply to in order to make sure you at least go to SOME college, in case you get rejected from everywhere else.
-Dude, did you get into Stanford?
-No, but I got a full ride to my safety school, Berkeley.
by the S Tree March 19, 2009
A college or university that one applies to in case they are not accepted to the school of their primary interest.
A. You get into all the schools you wanted?
B. nah but I did get into my safety school, SUNY Albany.
A. Well, at least you'll have somewhere to go; but your future doesn't look to great.
B. Yeah I know. That's what I get for being a tool in highschool.
by Steve "ToolBox" Rich July 21, 2008
A girl that you take home not because she is particularly attractive, but because there's a good chance of getting in.
Tim: So I hooked up with Abby last night.
Andrew: I thought you said she was fugly.
Tim: Yeah, safety school moment.
by TaterSaladIII January 10, 2011
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