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another word for Ok, cool
"I got to go blad"
"Ite, safetings, laters bledrin"
by amihunt January 20, 2009
ok then, alright, that's great, awesome
John: Meet you at 12 tomorrow?
Jimmy: Yeah safe ting.
by reenreen December 09, 2011
Adjective. Definition is the same as safe or cool

This was invented by a freind of mine to reflect the type of thing another freind of mine, max, who thinks he is Jamaican, might say instead of safe.
It stems from when max met a UK MC called Demon, and is designed to illustrate what max might of said to try and impress him with his Jamaicaness (By sticking ting on the end of safe makes it sound more jamaican).
Since then it has caught on and is now widely used in the Hertfordshire area of UK.
"Yo Demon you be safeting"
by MC Blitzkrieg January 24, 2006
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