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One of the most influential hardcore screamo bands of all time, Saetia played music that was true to their screamo genre unlike the crap that claims to be in that genre today like Hawthorne Heights.

Saetia formed in February 1997 and broke up in October 1999. They released various splits and all their songs are complied onto a discogrphy that can be bought off of Level Plane Records called A Retrospective.

The band members of Saetia have moved on to new bands such as: Interpol, Hot Cross, Off Minor, and the Fiction(now broken up also)
Saetia is my favorite screamo band of all time; I wish I knew about them earlier so I could have see them live.
by Dang Cheng May 22, 2006
A true screamo band, now broken up. Produced SAY-SHA.
If you liked Saetia check out Hot Cross formed by some of the guys from Saetia
by vison August 04, 2007
Really bad 'screamo' band. Gone wrong indie band, with woman giving birth to siamese triplets. Aka artic monkeys + female junkie.
'screamo' guy: "hey, wat music are you into?" *sniff*
other guy: "you know, screamo aka underOATH and other such fine bands!"
'screamo' guy: "thats not screamo - saetia is screamo!"
other guy: "no, FREAK"
by edsta March 12, 2006
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