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Sadly, No! (aka "S,N!") is a left-wing blog widely known for clever photoshops and irreverent, 8th grade-level humor. While most of the big-name liberal bloggers focus on politics or news, S,N!, oddly enough, focus almost exclusively on right-wing blogs.

The S,N! blogging team consists (mostly) of D. Aristophanes, Brad R., Gavin M., Travis, HTML Mencken, and a few inconsequential stragglers, including a token female. HTML Mencken was originally known by his nom-de-blog "Retardo Montalban" but changed it in a vain effort to be "taken more seriously".

Most right-wing bloggers regard S,N! as little more than gnats and mosquitos, i.e. mildly annoying, but insignificant and easily swatted away.
Man: Can you think of a blog that's lamer than this one?
Woman: Sadly, No!
#liberals #libruls #moonbat #blog #progressive #humor #immature #dip #dolt #goober #moron
by rascal900 February 25, 2008
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