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Solo artist, Lee Endres, who invented horror pop. Uses subliminal messages in his music and is one of a kind.
That guy Sadistik has some pretty wicked shows.
by New Disease May 09, 2007
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Sadistik Exekution – the heaviest band in the world. Festering in Sydney, Australia, but originally from the southern capital Melbourne. “Sadistik” is normally used as a noun to refer to the band and its members collectively, dropping “Execution” for ease of pronunciation. The deliberate misspelling of the words where “k” sounds denoted by the letter “c” are spelled with the letter “k” makes the words look more sadistic. They distinguished themselves in the annals of Heavy Metal when they convinced everyone that they existed when in fact they didn’t. Many stories circulate, one being that their first album was recorded in 1986 and is a major influence on the Norwegian Black Metallers such as Mayhem and Emperor, which would have been unprecedented in its extremity and heaviness for that time.

While not true (although the music on the first “The Magus” album being obviously influenced by 80’s black thrashers), several bootleg recordings dated to the late 80 circulate purporting to feature Sadistik’s rehearsals of their fist songs such as “Countess Darling Blood” and “Sadistikly Exekuted”. Everything else you’ve heard about them is true, or it might as well be, because the truth is much, much worse than the legends.

Continuing to this day as a studio project – the band is a cultural phenomenon on par with world terrorism and reality TV. Hosting a collection of menacing, cartoonish characters singer Rok, bassist Dave Slave, guitarist Rev. Kriss Hades and drummer Sloth have released “The Magus” 1991, “We’re Deth, Fukk You” 1994, K.A.O.S. 1997, Fukk 2001 and Fukk II 2003 as well as a bunch of singles and solo side projects. Most notable of these being Rok’s two solo albums “This is Satanik” 1998 and “Burning Metal” 2001, as well as Kriss Hades’ “Wind of Orion” 2001. Stylistically Sadistik’s music is an impressive mix between Death and Black metal with hyper-speed drumming and insane bass and guitar and over-the-top ranting vocals. Despite all allegations to being utter noise – their music is HARD TO PLAY, which explains why nobody to date has attempted to emulate their style or cover one of their songs.

Sadistik embarked on one European tour in 1995 with Absu and Impaled Nazarene. Their live performances are notorious for outrageous stage antics, blood, self-mutilation and generally disturbed fans, such as Slasher Skarr as well as incessant blasting metal and fog machines. Every show has been dubbed as the last and it looks like they have kept their promise for nigh 4 years now...
We are Sadistik
Satan’s nightmare
We are Sadistik
God’s chosen nightspits
Hell fucking fire!
by Gnosis 666 October 21, 2004
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