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A dance when the girls ask the guys. Also a popular song by relient K
"I want to ask Nate to the Sadie Hawkins Dance"
"I think Mary already did"
by Mary McNally June 20, 2006
Considered hell for most girls. Why on earth would they just want to walk up to some random guy and ask them to a dance?

A dance where it is totally acceptable for a group of girls to go together, but not a group of guys.

A freaking awesome song by Relient K.

"Hey Bob? Wanna go to Sadies with me?"


"Damn, Sadie Hawkins Dance is TORTURE!!!"
by C.C. LaRue July 10, 2008
another reason for females to complain
"Wish I had somebody to ask to the Sadie Hawkins Dance :("
"Uggghhh, I'm a hoe and I can't take all 38 of my boyfriends."
by mbelop_ January 21, 2015
a day where dressing like a redneck slut is deemed official and is actually encouraged while the objective is for the lowly pathetic female to ask out the male. ooh scary!
school bulletin reads for the sadie hawkins dance, "nevermind hauling ass to your boyfriend's car! looks like you'll be in the driver's seat on this special night of accidental feminism and some good ol' grinding."
by chronicbitch August 05, 2007
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