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When you choke someone during sex for sexual pleasure. See Boston Strangler.

The act of using a rope, scarf or other material to reduce oxgen to the brain in order to heighten the brain during sexual gratification i.e. shooting, cumming or having an orgasm. See asphyxiophilia, breath control play, scarfing, erotic asphyxiation or auto-erotic asphixiation.
"What's that big red mark around your neck Loz?"

"It's rope burn!"

"Wow!" "That's so kinky and daring to do that sort of stuff in the dorm."

"Well I had no idea Billy was going to pull a Saddam Hussein Sex Maneuver on me!"

"Well next time he does the Saddam Hussein Sex Maneuver, ask him to at least use a silk scarf, a girl has to look her best and can't go to class with rope burns around her throat!"
by The Moody Poet January 23, 2007
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