Sacriligous and delicious
I was screwing the hot new altar boy last night and it was sacrilicious.
by Father Peter Pervert December 22, 2002
Top Definition
Both SACRILEGIOUS (grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred) and at the same time DELICIOUS (Extremely pleasing to the sense of taste).
Upon eating a pancake that he believed to be God, the dimwitted man uttered "mmmm...sacrilicious."
by kerspunk June 14, 2002
1. a) so delicious as to be a slight against the tenants of the Christian religion, and/or the Chistian God, or Jesus.
b) a portementeau of sacreligeous and delicious
c) a portmenteau of sacred and delicious.

2. Something amusingly sacreligious, ie. 'deliciously' sacreligious.
Example 1. a) "Jamba juice smoothies are sacrilicious!"

b)"Whoa, the real angel we put in that angel food cake makes it utterly sacrilicious."

c) "Man, this body of Christ is really sacrilicious!"

Example 2. "Dogma is one sacrilicious flick!"
by antiklaus August 06, 2006
The pleasurable taste that results from eating something sacred. Combination of the words "sacrilegious" and "delicious."
"I know I shouldn't eat thee lord (praying to a waffle stuck to the ceiling), but....(takes a bite)...mmmmm, sacrilicious."

-Homer in the episode Homer loves Flanders
by Nicholas Jay August 11, 2007
So delicious as to be a slight against the tenants of the Christian religion, and/or the Chistian God, or Jesus.
Try some communion wafers with cheese & salami on Good Friday - it's sacrilicious.
by K-Swift December 14, 2009
1.a) One who appears so attractive that an observer would consider rejecting moral or religious beliefs for them.
b) The state one is placed within when one is irresistibly attracted to another to the extent that conventional moral or religious standards are set aside.
The American Idol singer "Alexis Stone Lopez" looks sacrilicious.
by Pastor Thomas October 26, 2006
That which is delightful in its unabashed irreverence, esp. with regard to religion. A portmanteau of "sacrilegious" and "delicious".
Guy: "Happy Easter"
Girl: "You mean Zombie Jesus Day!"
Guy: "Heh, that's sacrilicious!"
by sykopath79 April 09, 2007
Something so that tastes so good it should be a sin to eat.
This deep fried double fudge brownie is sacrilicious.
by duggit December 29, 2005

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