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A school where you pay a shit ton of money to go yet they have less credentials than the public schools. They cling to their good football team, who wouldn't have a good team if they recruited? All these kids think they are so cool and rich, yet many of their parents struggle to send them there. Every SHG student will defend their school to the death against opposition, but if you ask them about their daily lives they will tell you how bad the school sucks. Taking religion classes, asshole teachers who get paid shit wages and aren't even qualified, and detentions for any tiny thing you might do. SHG is the biggest joke of a school.
GHS student: Our school is so much better than Sacred-Heart Griffin High School
SHG student 1: No its not, FUCK OFF!
SHG student 2: Dude, I really dont want to go back to school tomorrow.
SHG student 1: Yeah me either dude, Smojo is gonna fuck us over, our school sucks ass.
by SHG student November 27, 2011
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