one who massages testicular area in such a manner that you suspect her of owning a sack of her own (usually she does :))
Kelsey, Amanda, cody, ron are all sack ticklers
by Ben Me Dover June 18, 2008
Top Definition
Any person, object, or animal that is used to tickle the coin purse. A variation of the word is sacktickle.
Ex: I believe that your favorite sushi chef actually uses chopsticks as sackticklers before distributing them to the customers.

Ex: Just to let me know that she meant business, she gave me a sacktickle before I got into my car.
by General Stinkiness February 15, 2009
Another way to say homosexual male.
Did you see the Sopranos last night? Turns out Vito's a sacktickler after all.
by jrjohnson78 April 19, 2006
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